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Buy fractions of high growth potential artwork curated by major London galleries

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How It Works

Art gallery decides which paintings to list on Fractiv and Fractiv divides the artwork into fractions for sale.

The gallery lists the painting on the Fractiv platform and focuses on high growth contemporary artists.  Fractiv verifies all listings and future resale value with state of the art machine learning techniques and data analysis on historical sales and price trends.

Fractional buyers purchase the fractions of artwork. 

Buyers hold direct ownership of a piece of the painting. No complicated legal structures.

Buyers get an ownership certificate which entitles them to annual voting rights on resale.

Storage and Insurance

Fractiv uses the gallery's existing network of storage and insurance providers if applicable.

Fractional buyers receive rental yield on art

Art gallery and Institution sign rental agreement with full rental insurance. Logistics and shipping are covered in a share dilution.  Fractional buyers receive rental proceeds pro-rata to their ownership - future attraction**

Fractional buyers trade in secondary market

Fractiv buyers get access to secondary market liquidity - future attraction**

Art Gallery/Buyers decide to re-sell entire artwork

When the art gallery has found the right buyer for the artwork, the art gallery can sell the entire piece resulting in a profit for the original buyers.


Curated Art Collection

Our marketplace only contains art from reliable and renowned galleries and high quality artwork so rest assured you are getting access to the best pieces.

Transparency and Due

We ensure transparency by providing detailed information about the artworks, including provenance, condition reports and valuation assessments.  All artworks are authenticated with industry standards.

Fractional Ownership Structure

Our platform provides you with a clear and transparent structure for fractional ownership giving you a seamless experience when managing your art fractions.


Data security is of utmost importance to us. We use high end encryption software and conform to the most up-to-date security protocols.

Market Research and Analysis

Our team has access to the best data science and ML researchers in the world who drive insights into future art performance allowing you to make the best decisions.

Secondary Market Trading

Coming Soon.  Sign up for the latest updates on trading activity.

About Us



Welcome to Fractiv, the art startup founded by Sei and Imraan, where art meets technology, data analysis and financial expertise. Sei holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Imperial College London and brings her invaluable experience from working at Morgan Stanley, where she specialized in pricing diverse assets. Imraan brings a strong background in financial analysis, operations, and international financial regulations to navigate the world of fractional art. The two founders swiftly secured funding from Antler, the most active seed venture capital firm globally, to establish Fractiv.

Fractiv is a pioneering platform that enables leading art galleries to fractionalise their art, opening up the opportunities for many more customers to access the lucrative returns of the art world.  Our unique approach combines data-driven methodologies that identify art with potential value for growth with the deep knowledge and expertise of galleries and allows us to curate a collection of artwork with a focus on maximizing financial returns.

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