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Upcoming Attractions

Some of the amazing projects that we are working on bringing to life in the near future. These projects will provide additional features and improve the experience of our service.

Stock Ticker Board


Secondary Exchange

We are going through the regulatory approval process in order to facilitate a secondary exchange. This will inject additional liquidity into fractional purchases


Auctions: Fractional Bidding 


Sealed Bids

Pre - auction, we invite bids for an item with a specified bid amount and a minimum equity share required for that bid amount.

Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 16.46.59.png


Competitive bids pooled

We take the bids and pool them together to match the current auction bid price such that the minimum equity requirement is satisfied for each participant.


Real Time Automatic

Bidding Process

If the current auction bid increases, we sort through the competitive sealed bids again to be able to bid higher than the current auction bid while ensuring that each participants minimum equity share requirement is met.   If we don't meet this requirement then the auction is not won by the pooled group.

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